Past Events

Seminar Series

Views of the Great Western Tiers:

Life of The Land

Guest Speakers:  Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick, Aunty Phyllis Pitchford and Hank Horton

Jamie Kirkpatrick, a Professor in the School of Geography and Environmental Studies at UTAS, will present on the biogeography of The Great Western Tiers. Jamie has been recognized nationally and internationally for his work planning reserves and his contribution to forest conservation and world heritage matters.

Aunty Phyllis Pitchford, a Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder and Poet has worked with and for the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community over the course of her life and continues to represent her community at a local, state and national level. Aunty Phyllis will present on the Tasmanian Aboriginal experience and read poetry inspired by the region.

Hank Horton with his great knowledge and strong family link with Tasmanian wilderness and land formations will focus on nature and Aboriginal culture.


Seminar Series

Views of the Great Western Tiers:

An Ancient Landform

A Magnificent Landscape

Guest Speakers:  Dr Andrew McNeill and Tony Smibert

Dr Andrew Mc Neill, a geologist with 20 years’ experience, currently engaged in research at the University of Tasmania, will speak on the extraordinary processes that formed the Great Western Tiers.

Tony Smibert, a Deloraine based painter, art researcher, writer, teacher, worldwide exhibitor and Visiting Artist Researcher at Tate Britain in London, will speak on the significance of the Great Western Tiers as an inspiring landscape.

An independent study conducted recently by Jonathon West verified the Great Western Tiers’ claim to contain world heritage values.  These seminars will focus on this unique aspect of the Tiers and draw attention to these values.

The Great Western Tiers is an iconic landform that forms the spine of the central north of  Tasmania and has provided home, sustenance and inspiration to countless generations of people and numerous species of invaluable flora and fauna.